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Westin Las Vegas

You’re excited beyond belief. You’ve been wanting to go to Las Vegas for a long time now, ever since your brother went there a few years back but didn’t take you. Besides you’ve seen the movie Oceans Eleven both the old and the new versions and you really want to see what it’s like there. So you round up some friends and you all decide on a date to go to Las Vegas. Your excitement mounts as your dream comes closer and closer to becoming reality.  During your search you discover that Las Vegas has great discounts on their hotels by taking advantage of timeshare deals.

You’re going to Las Vegas. Home of casinos, gambling, and the ever famous Las Vegas showgirls. Not to mention the great TV program CSI which is set in Las Vegas. Then we can’t forget the many magicians and magic shows that abound on Las Vegas. There’s so much you’ve heard about Las Vegas and so much you want to see, you’re not sure whether you’ll have the time for it all. The light show and the Sphinx are also things that you don’t want to miss either.

Your mother worries about you a little, and your brother gives you a hard time of it because he’s your older brother and he can. None of it matters though. You’re finally going to Las Vegas and going to stay in one of the many well known Las Vegas hotels and you didn’t pay retail by securing one of the many timeshare deals. Nothing can ruin your pleasure.

Then the unthinkable happens and a cloud does come close to marring your vacation. One of your friends has had to drop out at the last minute and you’re short a person. You could go just as you are with the friends already willing and assembled, or you could give in to the hopeful look on your brother’s face and just ask him along. It takes him barely a minute to say yes, and you’re all set again. You call the Las Vegas hotels service desk to change the reservation and you’re all set again.

You finally arrive in Las Vegas and your eyes are like saucers. You stare entranced as you drive through the strip and feast your senses on the many luxurious Las Vegas hotels and Casinos. Life just doesn’t get any better than this. Or so you think until you actually step inside your hotel and come upon the vast floor which is purely casino.

For the nighttime if you step into the many Las Vegas hotels you’ll find that there many entertaining shows and suchlike with which you can fill your time, or you could even head on down to the main casinos to do a spot of gambling. Whatever your choices are make sure you enjoy your much longed for vacation.

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