Rehab for 12 Step Program

The 12-Step Program

Living with drug or alcohol addiction is never easy. Learn how the 12 steps can help you recover and regain your pre-addiction life by finding rehab near me recovery programs.

12-Step Program Can Help You Achieve and Maintain Sobriety

One of the most important components of drug or alcohol addiction recovery and rehab is the 12-step program. As the name suggests, the program literally involves 12 steps that an individual follows on their path to getting and staying sober. The 12 steps have been helpful for many people during their journey toward recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

What Are the 12 Steps?

The 12 steps are:

  1. Admitting being powerless over one’s addiction.
  2. Believing that a higher power can help to overcome addiction.
  3. Choosing to turn control over to that higher power.
  4. Taking personal inventory.
  5. Admitting to the higher power, to oneself and other people all the wrongs that were done.
  6. Being prepared to allow the higher power to correct one’s character shortcomings.
  7. Asking the higher power to remove one’s shortcomings.
  8. Making a list of wrongdoings to other people and being willing to make amends for them.
  9. Contacting the people one has hurt, unless doing so would hurt the other person.
  10. Continuing to take personal inventory and admitting to wrongs.
  11. Seeking connection and enlightenment with the higher power through meditation and prayer.
  12. Carrying on the 12-step message to others.

How Is the Program Conducted?

The basic principle behind the 12-step model is that people who are following the program to achieve and maintain sobriety can help others to do the same. They do this by sharing their experiences with others in meetings.

The main aspect of the program focuses on abstinence from alcohol or drugs. Abstinence practices are responsible for high levels of what is known in the program as “flourishing.” Flourishing is positive mental health that can be directly attributed to long-term addiction recovery.  We have helped many clients who were looking for rehab near me facilities.

How the 12-Step Model Helps People

The 12-step model helps people with substance abuse disorder by building several tools. These tools help an individual:

  • Realize and acknowledge their addiction
  • Make a decision to get help from someone outside themselves
  • Gain self-awareness of addictive behaviors as well as those that encourage restraint
  • Practice restraint to enable positive behaviors to take over
  • Accept themselves and recognize their ability to change behaviors
  • Feel compassion for people affected by addiction
  • Develop skills that can be used continuously throughout their life


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