Life Insurance Settlement

What Is a Life Insurance Settlement?

In the past, life insurance settlement policies only had two options: Either you could let it expire or give up the policy for the available cash value. Settlements now allow you to sell your policy to someone other than the life insurance company. When you settle your policy, the entity buying it acquires its financial interest. In summary, you will receive an amount of money that you can use immediately, and the buyer becomes the new owner of your life insurance policy.


What Are the Benefits of a Settlement?

When you decide to go with a life insurance settlement, there are a number of benefits, depending on your situation and policy. The money may enable you to pursue a life dream, give you retirement income and relieve you from the hassle of paying premiums. You might be able to subsidize your retirement assets and procure long-term care insurance in the event of serious illness.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Settlement?

There are a few cons to settling your life insurance that you might need to consider. Probably the most obvious one is that you’re losing a larger sum that could go to your heirs upon your death. If you have a large quantity of debt, your settlement proceeds might end up claimed by creditors. If you enjoy low-income assistance, you may need to ascertain if a settlement would interfere. Your life settlements could also be susceptible to federal and state taxes.

Depending on your circumstances, a settlement of your life insurance policy might be the ideal way to plan your retirement or provide for your long-term care.



Many people hate the idea of admitting themselves into a rehabilitation clinic, but it can save lives. Consider these reasons why it may be a good idea.

Rehab Can Offer the Help You Need to Overcome Addiction

Although rehabilitation centers carry an unnecessary stigma, they can be a godsend for those dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, many people avoid getting the help they need because of fear or ignorance. Admitting that you need help can be difficult, but it’s important to seek treatment if you’re struggling with addiction. If you are unsure of whether you need professional assistance, consider the following signs that drug rehabilitation is right for your situation. In the South West the Drug Rehab New Orleans La is one of the most sought out programs for recovery.

Top Three Signs That Rehab Is a Good Idea

  • You lose your job because of your addiction – It is highly unprofessional to show up to your place of employment drunk or under the influence of drugs. When you’re under the influence, it impairs your ability to effectively do your job. If you’ve lost your position or become ineffective at work because of your addiction, this is a major sign that you need the help of professionals at a rehabilitation facility.


  • Your family and friends express great concern – When more than one person sits down and expresses their concern for you, it’s wise to take it seriously. If your family and friends come together to do an intervention, this is another red flag that you’re headed down a deeply destructive path. After an intervention, use this opportunity to ask your loving community to rally around you as you make the brave decision to go to rehab.


  • You can’t exist without using – If you find it difficult to go a day without using drugs or alcohol, you’re likely dealing with an addiction that requires some outside help. When you go to a facility like Qualis Care of America, qualified professionals will give you specialized care while helping you acquire the tools you need to move past addiction.  They’re conveniently located in the Gulf area and well known for their drug rehab New Orleans La facility.


It can be very challenging to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs, but help is available to those who seek it. At Qualis Care, you can find the help you need to live drug free. Let us help you live a drug- and alcohol-free life you’ve always dreamed of.

New Orleans Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Helping children understand addiction and the need for treatment can be hard. Learning strategies to talk to them can make seeking treatment much easier.

Making Addiction Treatment Less Confusing for Your Children

Dealing with drug and alcohol abuse can be even more difficult when you have children. If you’ve come to the decision that it is time to seek treatment for your addiction, explaining this to the kids can be one of the hardest things you will ever do.  One of the top centers we recommend for the New Orleans Drug Rehab facilities is Qualis Care of Louisiana.

Qualis Care is committed to every part of your drug therapy, and that includes helping you make good decisions to guide your children through the rehabilitation process. Implementing the following strategies will help to foster a better understanding for your children regarding your treatment.

Reassurance Is Key

Your kids are most likely aware that you have some sort of addiction issue. They may react positively to the news that you are going away to get help. However, their next thought will likely be about what will happen while you are away.

Fully explain to them who they will be staying with and what arrangements have been made ahead of time for their day-to-day care. Most importantly, let them know how long you expect to be gone and that this arrangement is only temporary.

Address Feelings of Blame

Often, children of parents with substance abuse issues feel as though they are the cause of the addiction and could be to blame for the parent going away for treatment. The last thing you want is to leave for the New Orleans Drug Rehab Center and risk your children harboring some sort of blame for what has happened. Let them know this problem was not their fault and convey that one of the biggest reasons you are going away is to learn to be a better parent for them.

Stay Strong

Your children will likely be quite emotional at the thought of your going away. Try to remain in charge of your emotions when discussing treatment for your drug and alcohol abuse. Doing so will go a long way in reassuring them that you are in control and making good decisions for your future.

At Qualis Care, we want you to live the drug- and alcohol-free life you’ve always dreamed of by entering into our New Orleans Drug Rehab program.   Finally find the help you need to end your painful struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Call us today for more information.

Drug Rehab In New Orleans

Drug Rehab New Orleans

Qualis Care is available to any person suffering from addiction who wants to get better. A variety of services are offered as treatment.

Qualis Can Help You Attain a Drug-Free Lifestyle

For supportive programs, our drug rehab New Orleans rehab facility offers Qualis Care. Our professional staff has decades of combined experience in treating a variety of different addictions to drugs and alcohol. They understand what it takes to help a person fight their addiction and also understand that each person is different. Your care is tailored to your particular situation, helping make Qualis Care a solid choice when it comes to inpatient drug treatment clinics in the state of Louisiana.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

One of the cornerstones of the treatment program at Qualis Care drug rehab New Orleans LA is dual diagnosis. This protocol is effective because it treats both your physical addiction to the drug and the mental health issue that is the driving force behind it. We don’t just treat the disease; we treat the person with the disease as well.

It is rare that people who are addicted to drugs are suffering from a singular issue. Often, the addiction is associated with another mental health problem, like depression, that is the root cause of it. Let us help you live a drug & alcohol free life you’ve always dreamed of through our dual-diagnosis procedure.


The journey may start at Qualis Care, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. The inpatient care program at our drug rehab New Orleans‘ locations is just a springboard to get you started on your lifelong pursuit of sobriety. Our aftercare program is designed to help you continue your daily journey of sobriety.

An aftercare plan is designed during the inpatient treatment and then implemented by the patient once they leave our facility. You won’t be on your own once you leave, though. You will have regular meetings with your care provider once the inpatient treatment has concluded.


We accept most forms of health insurance for our treatment costs and have a quick and easy application process. If you have insurance, please bring in the original copy of your insurance card or a copy where both sides can easily be read. You can check to see if your insurance is accepted before you apply using the supplied form on our website. Even if you don’t have medical insurance, you can find the help you need to live drug-free because we also work with private-paying clients.

Substance Abuse Treatment New Orleans

Substance Abuse Treatment

Learn more about substance abuse treatment New Orleans program so that you or your loved one can get the help they need.

When It’s Time for Substance Abuse Treatment in New Orleans

Whether it is alcohol or some type of drug, it can be difficult to admit that you have become addicted to using a substance. Admitting this is a big step, but there are resources available to provide for your treatment needs once you’ve recognized that you’re addicted. Let us help you live a drug- and alcohol-free life that you’ve always dreamed of by getting on the road to recovery.

If you’ve been taking more of a substance than you should to the point where it’s adversely affecting the decisions that you make and the actions you take, it may be time for you to seek some form of substance abuse treatment. After taking the first step of admittance, you can begin the road to recovery with Qualis Care’s substance abuse treatment in New Orleans.

How Inpatient Treatment Can Help You Manage Your Addiction

Inpatient treatment is considered one of the more effective types of treatment for an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Inpatient facilities offer a comprehensive treatment plan that seeks to address each element of the addiction. Regardless of whether you need a few weeks or a few months of care, this treatment for substance abuse can last as long as it takes for you to properly manage your addiction.

Inpatient rehab is effective because it offers a wide variety of benefits. While taking part in an inpatient treatment program, you’ll have access to:

  • Around-the-clock care and attention in a residential treatment facility that can help you avoid the environmental factors that could have contributed to your addiction
  • Trained medical professionals on hand at all times to assist with your recovery
  • Supervised withdrawal and detox
  • Therapy sessions to help you identify the root causes of your addiction
  • A support system of other people also working through the recovery process


Qualis Care is committed to your recovery, and we have many beds available in our care facility. It’s here that you can begin the treatment you need.

Rehab Centers In New Orleans

Rehab Centers In New Orleans

Finding a caring drug rehab centers in New Orleans with an inpatient facility can be the best choice for getting better and to help you live a drug-free life.

A Caring, Committed Drug Rehab Center in New Orleans

If you have tried everything to quit your alcohol or drug addiction, including going to support groups or quitting cold turkey, you may have noticed that this usually does not work. Doing it on your own isn’t easy, and it is often unsuccessful. However, you don’t have to be alone.

Choose an Inpatient Facility

If you are thinking about drug rehab centers in New Orleans, choosing an inpatient facility offers you a better chance at recovery. At one of these centers, you will have a monitored, caring environment with a staff that has your recovery in mind. Many centers offer flexible programs, allowing you to choose a 30-day program or longer.

Detoxing isn’t easy, and you often need medical care to help you with withdrawal symptoms. At an inpatient facility, not only do you have around-the-clock medical care, but you also have the emotional support that you need to get through this tough time.

What to Look for in a Rehab Center

Each facility has its own unique program, but there are a few things to consider when you are considering a center for yourself or a loved one. Think about the following:

  • What is the philosophy of the center?
  • Does it offer the type of program that you need (30-day, 60-day or 90-day)?
  • Does the center treat your type of addiction?
  • What is the cost?
  • What are the staff’s credentials?

Even though you might have other questions about a facility, these can help you form an opinion when making your choice.

Find a Rehab Center That Cares About Your Outcome and Well-Being

If you are looking for drug rehab centers in New Orleans, whether for yourself or a loved one, there’s no need to face this situation alone. Qualis Care is committed to your drug recovery.

Don’t let meth, prescription drugs, or alcohol ruin your life, relationships, or career when beds are available at these care facilities. Let us help you live a drug- alcohol-free life you’ve always dreamed of.

Addiction Rehabs In Louisiana

Rehabs In Louisiana

If you struggle with drug addiction, there are rehabs in Louisiana that can help. With caring professionals guiding your recovery, you can achieve freedom.

Rehabs in Louisiana Can Help You With Your Recovery

Louisiana consistently ranks as one of the top 10 nations for drug use, according to data from The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). In New Orleans, the most common street drug is heroin. In other parts of the state, the most common drug is cocaine. Throughout the entire state, millions are hooked on prescription opioids and are struggling to break free from the addiction. But whether you’re struggling with meth, morphine, or alcohol, help is available. There are rehabs in Louisiana that can help you establish a strong foundation for a drug-free future. The first step is to reach out for help.

How to Know if You’re Addicted

Addiction occurs when you’re no longer in control. For example, you may have started taking a prescription painkiller to manage your discomfort after surgery, or perhaps you started drinking socially at parties. After a while, you found it increasingly difficult to function without your drug of choice. It began affecting your daily life, your job, and your relationships. Now, perhaps you experience painful withdrawals when the drug is unavailable. These are all signs of addiction, and these types of addictions are very difficult to beat without professional assistance.

Let Us Help You Live a Drug & Alcohol Free Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Louisiana residents consistently put their faith in Qualis Care when they need help conquering their addictions. That’s because Qualis Care is committed to your drug recovery, and it shows in everything we do. All of our staff are patient, compassionate, and highly trained, and each of our programs is specially tailored to get to the core of your drug use and help you to transform from the inside out. We offer a range of treatment options and programs because we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for something as complex as drug addiction.

Are you tired of just surviving? Reach out to Qualis Care today, and get started on the path to recovery. Find the help you need to live drug free.

Addiction & Prescription Drug Abuse Facts

Prescription Drug Abuse Facts

What’s most disturbing about prescription drug abuse facts is that most people think it can’t happen to them or someone close to them. Check out some of the facts and figures involving prescription drug abuse, a problem that is affecting the entire country.

The Problem of Prescription Drug Abuse in the United States

With an epidemic of prescription drug abuse spreading throughout the country, you’ve most likely heard about the serious opioid and prescription drug problem that is affecting many people on a daily basis. Although the issue affects all walks of life, teenage and female populations have been especially hard hit.

What’s important to note is that if someone you know is experiencing addiction problems, you should be exploring programs such as those offered by Qualis Care of America. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some cold hard prescription drug abuse facts that aren’t regularly talked about.

Prescription Drug Abuse Facts

  • Prescription Drug Abuse Kills More People Than Traffic Accidents

While some may argue that this is due to increased auto safety standards, it remains a statistic we should still be worried about. In fact, with an upward trend in prescription drug abuse facts on the rise, the issue must be addressed.

  • Nearly 7 Out of 10 Teens Who Abuse Prescription Drugs First Received Them From a Friend or Relative

The ease of obtaining prescription drugs is one factor as to why the country is seeing an increase in abuse. It’s been reported that 64 percent of teens who have abused prescription drugs first obtained them from a friend or family member.

  • 120,000 Americans Are Hospitalized Each Year for Overdosing on Painkillers

While the death toll is rapidly rising in relation to prescription drug use, so is the number of hospitalizations. Case in point: USA Today reports that nearly 120,000 Americans visit an emergency room each year as a result of overdosing on opioid painkillers.

  • Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Fatal Overdose

A combination of prescription pain medication and other drugs often causes fatal overdoses. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, 30.1 percent of prescription drug overdoses involved the use of benzodiazepines and 13.4 percent involved antidepressants.

Prescription drug abuse is not a new phenomenon, but it’s an addiction that is growing like wildfire due to access and naiveté. Find the help you need to live drug-free through Qualis Care of America.

Rehabs Near Me

Rehabs Near Me

If you’re searching the web for “rehabs near me,” options are available. Louisiana is home to some of the nation’s best rehab facilities.

Getting Connected With Quality Rehab in Your Area

Are you searching for a rehab facility to help you work through your drug or alcohol addiction? If so, options are available, but you shouldn’t just settle for any rehab facility. It’s important to do your homework and ensure that you’re matched with a facility that’s equipped to meet your individual needs. For example, you may only require a simple outpatient treatment to help you learn coping strategies and stay on the straight and narrow. On the other hand, you may need medically supervised detox followed by an inpatient stay that can help you overcome a crippling, long-term addiction.

Before signing up for any rehabilitation program, it’s important to do your homework. It may begin with a simple web search for “rehab near me.” Compare your options, read reviews, and determine if the facility is equipped to address your particular addiction. For example, some facilities specialize in opiates but are less experienced with addressing alcohol addiction, while other facilities may focus more heavily on common street drugs. It’s also a good idea to seek out recommendations from people who have gone through the same struggle you’re dealing with right now.

First Steps

Once you’ve found a rehab facility that seems promising, you’ll want to reach out to them, ask any questions, and schedule a time to begin your treatment. If you’re entering a 30-, 60-, or 90-day program, you’ll need to make arrangements for your job, bills, and — if applicable — child care. Extended inpatient programs are among the most effective ways of achieving long-term sobriety, so it’s usually in your best interest to invest the time and effort.

Qualis Care Is Committed to Your Drug Recovery

If you’re ready to break free from the shackles of drug use, Qualis Care is here to help. Our Louisiana-based facilities are staffed with compassionate, knowledgeable professionals who can help you achieve the freedom you’re looking for. Contact us today, and find the help you need to live drug free.

Top Rehab Centers In New Orleans

Rehab Centers in Louisiana

Finding the right rehab facility for drug rehabilitation services can be integral to your recovery. Qualis Care strives to provide quick and safe solutions and has one of the highly rated recommended rehab centers in New Orleans.

Let Qualis Care of America Help You

Dealing with drug or alcohol addiction is never easy. Once you have come to the realization that you have a serious problem, the next step is to find a rehab facility that can help you regain a clean and sober lifestyle. Qualis Care is a comprehensive rehab center in Louisiana. We operate a clean and supportive environment that offers a wide variety of services in an effort to bring about positive changes in the lives of our clients.

Personalized Options Are Available

Qualis Care offers a range of treatment options that are tailored to each client. In addition to the standard group and individual therapy, specialty options are also available during the rehab process, such as:

  • Dual-diagnosis treatment
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Daily medication management
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Fitness and exercise

How Will Your Treatment Path Be Determined?

At our Qualis Care rehab centers in New Orleans, the first step for clients is intake. The individual meets with staff for an initial interview so that an evaluation can be made about whether the facility is a good fit and if the person is a good candidate for receiving treatment there. We may also perform diagnostic screenings to assess the best program for the individual’s unique needs. All treatment programs are tailored to each person as no two people have the exact same situation and requirements. Programs are also based on the drug the individual is addicted to as well as the severity of their addiction.

In addition to treating the addiction itself, we at Qualis Care design our programs to benefit each person’s physical and mental health. For individuals who have completed their treatment, there is an aftercare program available to help them continue living a sober lifestyle. The aftercare includes sober living, housing help, and vocational counseling.

Find the Help You Need to Live Drug-Free

Qualis Care offers inpatient treatment, which can be a better option for individuals who are struggling with serious long-term addictions and who have a dual-diagnosis of a coexisting medical or mental health condition. This type of treatment has clients living at the facility on a 24/7 basis and removes all traces of temptation and the risk of a relapse while being supported by a knowledgeable staff.

If you struggle with a crippling addiction, know that our treatments are specially designed to deal with substance abuse.

Spots are available now at our inpatient facility, so contact Qualis Care rehab centers in New Orleans today to get the help you need.

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