Timeshare Promotions Offer Outreach Scholarships

Scholarships from the Timeshare Industry

The American Resort and Development Association is offering teams or groups of students from universities to develop a proposal addressing a specific issue facing the timeshare industry.  Teams must consist of a least two students and a maximum of three students, and a faculty advisor.  Each educational institution may hold an internal competition or use a focus competition as a class project, but only one team from each university may be entered in the sponsored competition.

The top three teams will receive awards of outreach scholarships, which included registration to ARDA World 2015, transportation, lodging and a small per diem.  The winning teams will aslo present their proposal at the HOA Outreach Committee at ARDA World and have their summary posted on the ARDA website.

The vacation ownership industry know that the industry has a lot to improve upon.  Most people who have taken advantage of timeshare presentation deals don’t want to do it again due to the the way they were treated with the pressure tactics during the sales process.  Some have had a good experience and time and time again have taken advantage of timeshare promotions.

The industry is looking for fresh minds to offer a case study that can help change the industry for the better.

Timeshare Presentation Deals Advisory Board

UCF Timeshare Presentation Advisory Board

With Florida being home to Disney it shouldn’t surprise us that timeshare resorts have a 20% market share in the United States with Orlando being the center of it all.  The UCF Timeshare Advisory Board is preparing the next generation wave to the vacation timeshare industry.  This industry has capital with unlimited opportunities, and the Timeshare Board’s efforts are focused on education, awareness and career placement for UCF students.  The bottom line is that the industry is looking for ways to improve the perception of timeshare presentation deals.

The Advisory Board

  1. ARDA International Foundation
  2. Baker Hostetler
  3. Diamond Resorts International
  4. Disney Vacation Club
  5. First American Title
  6. Hilton Grand Vacations
  7. Hilton Worldwide
  8. Interval International
  9. Marriott Vacations Worldwide
  10. Orange Lake Resorts
  11. Resort Condominiums International
  12. Starwood Vacation Ownership
  13. Westgate Resorts
  14. Wyndham Vacation Ownership

The advisory board, has a team of 18 industry executives that will provide financial foundation for student conference attendance, educational scholarships, research initiatives, campus events and board administration.



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