Oxycontin Rehab

Getting Rehab for Oxycontin Addiction

Struggling with an OxyContin addiction can be crippling. Get help in the form of rehab to finally move past your addiction and reclaim your life and health.  Aetna Better Health of Louisiana offers Medicaid coverage for behavioral health.

Learn About the OxyContin Rehabilitation Process

OxyContin is one of the most highly addictive opioids. Although it is widely prescribed to patients by doctors to treat pain caused by conditions ranging from back problems to cancer, it is also known for being highly addictive. Unfortunately, the medication is frequently abused and often shared with others who don’t have a prescription for it. If you are struggling with an addiction to this substance, it’s important to learn about OxyContin rehab and how it can help you.  You might want to consider an inpatient drug rehab Medicaid facility.

What are the Signs of OxyContin Abuse?

There are certain signs and symptoms to be aware of regarding OxyContin abuse. You may experience all or a combination of a few of these signs:

• Clammy hands
• Confusion
• Depression
• Difficulty breathing
• Dilated pupils
• Fatigue
• Feeling of disorientation
• Loss of appetite

Without rehab, a person addicted to OxyContin can experience more serious and even life-threatening side effects. They include:

• Coma
• Convulsions
• Gastrointestinal distress
• Heart problems
• Memory loss
• Overdose that can be fatal
• Pain in muscles or even in the bones
• Respiratory issues
• Severe anxiety or depression
• Severe withdrawal
• Suicidal thoughts

The OxyContin Rehabilitation Process

When you finally acknowledge that you have a serious problem, you may want to seek OxyContin rehab. Many individuals choose outpatient rehab, but inpatient is probably the better option because it’s more intensive and involves staying at a rehab facility where you’ll be monitored around the clock by skilled healthcare professionals.

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Withdrawal occurs frequently during the detox process as the drug is being eliminated from the body. Generally, this process is not life-threatening, but it can be difficult for many people. That is why inpatient rehab is so essential. The severity of the withdrawal process depends on the length and extent of your addiction.  AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana now offers health coverage for behavioral health.

Therapy sessions after the detox process are important when you are struggling with addiction. Individual, group and family therapy are vital to ensuring that you maintain your newfound sobriety. Therapy can help you to get a better perspective by enlightening you as to why you started abusing OxyContin in the first place. You can also gain valuable tools that can last your lifetime. Therapy is essential in helping you to acknowledge certain triggers and behaviors so that you can learn to avoid them.

If you need help curbing your OxyContin addiction, it’s time to get in touch with Qualis Care of America. Let us help you live a drug- and alcohol-free life you’ve always dreamed of.

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