Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers

Learn About Our Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers

Opiate addiction affects people from all walks of life.  From rural communities to the downtown of large cities, many people find themselves facing an addiction to opiate drugs.  Opiates cause chemical changes in the brain, even if you only use them one time.  It only takes a single instance of using an opiate in order to initiate the addiction sequence.  At Recovery House, we’ll help you with your dependency because we’re committed to your drug recovery.

How Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers Can Help

Treatment centers for opiate addiction offer a full spectrum of services so that you can find the support you need to live a drug-free life.  When you first get to Recovery House treatment centers, you will have a full assessment with our medical staff, and you will have daily meetings with our medical, psychological, and counseling professionals.  Our physicians and nurses are addiction-medicine specialists.  We also have psychiatrists to help you with the mental symptoms of addiction.  The opiate withdrawal process is managed in a medically supervised environment.  This helps you to stay safe as the drugs get out of your body.

Services We Provide for Opiate Addiction

We offer a full spectrum of services for opiate addiction, beginning with initial consultation and evaluation for the type and scope of the opiate addiction.  After the detox process, we have daily individual and group counseling services at Recovery House.  When you go through our addiction treatment process, you will also meet with social workers and physicians.  The individualized approach that we provide helps to reduce the relapse rate with opiate addiction.

Who Should Consider Our Treatment Centers

Anyone with an opiate addiction is welcome at our treatment center.  We have separate rooms for each person who is going through the drug rehab process.  Men and women are housed in separate areas for safety and privacy.  Our counseling services are also helpful for people who are members of the LGBTQ community.  We welcome persons of all ages who are dealing with an addiction to opiate drugs.  Let us help you to move past opiate addiction so that you can live a life free of drugs.


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