New Orleans Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Helping children understand addiction and the need for treatment can be hard. Learning strategies to talk to them can make seeking treatment much easier.

Making Addiction Treatment Less Confusing for Your Children

Dealing with drug and alcohol abuse can be even more difficult when you have children. If you’ve come to the decision that it is time to seek treatment for your addiction, explaining this to the kids can be one of the hardest things you will ever do.  One of the top centers we recommend for the New Orleans Drug Rehab facilities is Qualis Care of Louisiana.

Qualis Care is committed to every part of your drug therapy, and that includes helping you make good decisions to guide your children through the rehabilitation process. Implementing the following strategies will help to foster a better understanding for your children regarding your treatment.

Reassurance Is Key

Your kids are most likely aware that you have some sort of addiction issue. They may react positively to the news that you are going away to get help. However, their next thought will likely be about what will happen while you are away.

Fully explain to them who they will be staying with and what arrangements have been made ahead of time for their day-to-day care. Most importantly, let them know how long you expect to be gone and that this arrangement is only temporary.

Address Feelings of Blame

Often, children of parents with substance abuse issues feel as though they are the cause of the addiction and could be to blame for the parent going away for treatment. The last thing you want is to leave for the New Orleans Drug Rehab Center and risk your children harboring some sort of blame for what has happened. Let them know this problem was not their fault and convey that one of the biggest reasons you are going away is to learn to be a better parent for them.

Stay Strong

Your children will likely be quite emotional at the thought of your going away. Try to remain in charge of your emotions when discussing treatment for your drug and alcohol abuse. Doing so will go a long way in reassuring them that you are in control and making good decisions for your future.

At Qualis Care, we want you to live the drug- and alcohol-free life you’ve always dreamed of by entering into our New Orleans Drug Rehab program.   Finally find the help you need to end your painful struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Call us today for more information.

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