How To Become A Business Consultant

Health Insurance for Small Business Owners

The increasing prices of small business health insurance has forced many company owners to stop providing such benefits to employees. And this is easy to understand if we consider that a small business pays 18% more than a large corporation in the form of monthly insurance premiums. And the prices skyrocket with alarming percentages every year. With an economy in recession and millions of uninsured, we can only wonder where this can lead.  This is a great time to learn How To Become A Business Consultant.


When analyzing the revenue and the monthly budget, it is difficult for a small company owner to see how big a chunk small business health insurance takes from the profit. Yet, many choose to cope with this sacrifice in the attempt to attract and keep good employees. There are a few things that you can do to cut back expenses.

  1. Keep your employees healthy by encouraging them to join wellness programs.

2.  Reduce the coverage of the small business health insurance. You can either talk to the workers to contribute more to the plan or to cut back some medical services. Companies do not usually provide dental and vision insurance. Discuss with your employees to see what they need coverage for.

3.  Health savings accounts work great in parallel with average small business health insurance. These accounts are tax exempt and they can pay for the medical expenses that do not have coverage. This means that you can provide the employees with some tax breaks they will enjoy.

4.  Group small business health insurance is more convenient for companies that have between two and fifty employees. The premiums are lower for large groups. There is also the possibility to partner with some other businesses when you have fewer than 10 employees. The group plan can thus get expanded and you may enjoy the benefits.

5.  Shop around before you decide for one type of small business health insurance or another. It is a good idea to start searching on the Internet and get a larger number of free quotes from well-reputed insurers. There are agents who even investigate plans for you, but such services are not free. You can nevertheless find them convenient as they can help you identify some really good solutions in a very short period of time.

With all the changes happening in the health insurance industry, it’s very challenging to keep up to date.   If your business is being phased out due to expenses, then you might want to consider learning how to become a business consultant.   This field is growing and in great demand for business owner’s who just don’t have the time to do it all.

You may come up with other options for rewarding small business health insurance, on the one condition that you stay constantly updated with what goes on in this market sector.

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