Gingivitis and Inflamed Gums

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Gingivitis is a medical condition which results in inflamed gums surrounding the teeth. Gingivitis affects the tissues surrounding the teeth, including along with the gums, soft tissues and bone, which is the periodontuim according to the Orthodontist Melbourne Group.

Gingivitis occurs when bacteria get trapped in these areas and starts attacking the periodontium. Therefore it is important to know the signs and symptoms of gingivitis and this condition is not very painful but if left unattended could lead to a severe infection and drastic consequences.

One of the most obvious signs of gingivitis is if you find your gums to be swollen, painful or bleeding as these are the most easily identified signs of an infection. Also if you notice that your breath has a sudden fetid odor to it, this could be a sign of gingivitis so it would be best to visit a dentist to get the necessary treatment.

Check your gums. Healthy gums are supposed to be pink in color and strong in appearance, but if you notice that they are a red inflamed color and seem to be receding it would be best to visit the Orthodontist Melbourne Group and get this checked out and certified if you are having gingivitis.

Gingivitis is usually easily treated. As long as you visit your dentist for routine checkups to remove the plaque in your mouth and maintain your oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing, gingivitis isn’t likely to occur again. If you are suffering from severe gingivitis then you will be prescribed antibiotics to help fight off the infection.

However if you find that even after following all your dentists instructions you are still plagued with gingivitis then it is important to visit your doctor. You will need to discover if there is an illness in particular that is causing gingivitis to keep flaring up repeatedly for you.

To avoid getting gingivitis the best thing you can do is maintain excellent oral hygiene. Plaque buildup shouldn’t be allowed and therefore regular visits to your dentist for checkups are important according to the Orthodontist Melbourne Group. This combined with regular brushing, flossing and a limited refined sugar intake will ensure that you donĂ­t get gingivitis easily.

Plaque buildup isn’t the only cause of gingivitis. For certain people puberty, hormone changes, certain diseases and even pregnancy can cause gingivitis to occur. However if there is a case of recurrent gingivitis it is vital to get the reason behind the recurrence identified to prevent any permanent damaged being caused to your gums and teeth.

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