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False Teeth Article by the Orthodontist Melbourne Group

false teeth

Often referred to as false teeth, dentures replace missing teeth, the loss of which was triggered by a variety of factors. There are many reasons for which people come to use false teeth, and though the most common one is old age, other cases should also be taken into consideration. Improper mouth hygiene and a predisposition for gum disease are two factors that trigger tooth loss according to the Orthodontist Melbourne Group. Periodontal disease and tooth decay by neglect to treat caries are too frequently invoked reasons for tooth loss. It is incredible that with all the technical devices we’ve got available, and all the home comfort, people still get to wear false teeth at young ages because of personal neglect.

There are two main types of false teeth, depending on which teeth they are replacing: on the maxillary or on the mandibular arches. Though most false teeth are removable, there are certain dentures that rely on special designs that allow dental implants, clipping or bonding to the rest of the teeth. Dentures in general are very helpful as they improve the chewing ability of the user, not to mention that they have a very good positive impact on one’s look. False teeth could become very important for the aesthetic face expression, given the fact they get the role of cheek and lip support, eliminating the appearance of collapse tissues.

On many occasions, people only need false teeth to fill certain dental arch areas only partially; this means that they are used on the arch part where some teeth are missing. This type of false teeth are usually know as crown and bridge as they rely on a special fitting scheme using the other remaining teeth according to the Orthodontist Melbourne Group. The materials such false teeth are made of closely imitate the natural ones; the most expensive and high in demand models are those made of porcelain. In case you need to have some false teeth made, it is good to choose the fixed variant rather than the removable one since the former is considered stable and reliable.

We should perhaps mention here that the false teeth implantation process is a long term one, as it requires a certain preparation of the area to be filled. The dentist may ask you to make appointments for several sessions before the complete work is ready. Once the false teeth have been implanted there follows an accommodation period, during which you may feel quite uncomfortable with wearing the dentures. Don’t worry about such minor problems, they are transitory and likely to pass within a few days; however, ask for the doctor’s advice concerning ways to alleviate symptoms.

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