Drug Rehab In New Orleans

Drug Rehab New Orleans

Qualis Care is available to any person suffering from addiction who wants to get better. A variety of services are offered as treatment.

Qualis Can Help You Attain a Drug-Free Lifestyle

For supportive programs, our drug rehab New Orleans rehab facility offers Qualis Care. Our professional staff has decades of combined experience in treating a variety of different addictions to drugs and alcohol. They understand what it takes to help a person fight their addiction and also understand that each person is different. Your care is tailored to your particular situation, helping make Qualis Care a solid choice when it comes to inpatient drug treatment clinics in the state of Louisiana.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

One of the cornerstones of the treatment program at Qualis Care drug rehab New Orleans LA is dual diagnosis. This protocol is effective because it treats both your physical addiction to the drug and the mental health issue that is the driving force behind it. We don’t just treat the disease; we treat the person with the disease as well.

It is rare that people who are addicted to drugs are suffering from a singular issue. Often, the addiction is associated with another mental health problem, like depression, that is the root cause of it. Let us help you live a drug & alcohol free life you’ve always dreamed of through our dual-diagnosis procedure.


The journey may start at Qualis Care, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. The inpatient care program at our drug rehab New Orleans‘ locations is just a springboard to get you started on your lifelong pursuit of sobriety. Our aftercare program is designed to help you continue your daily journey of sobriety.

An aftercare plan is designed during the inpatient treatment and then implemented by the patient once they leave our facility. You won’t be on your own once you leave, though. You will have regular meetings with your care provider once the inpatient treatment has concluded.


We accept most forms of health insurance for our treatment costs and have a quick and easy application process. If you have insurance, please bring in the original copy of your insurance card or a copy where both sides can easily be read. You can check to see if your insurance is accepted before you apply using the supplied form on our website. Even if you don’t have medical insurance, you can find the help you need to live drug-free because we also work with private-paying clients.

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