Sell My Life Insurance Policy for Cash

Sell My Life Insurance

Find out what it means to sell your life insurance policy, how the process of selling it works and in which situations it could make sense to sell it.

Why Selling Your Life Insurance Policy Makes Good Financial Sense

When you look at your financial situation, you might be wondering, “Should I sell my life insurance?” Many people who purchased a life insurance policy during their young adult years are faced with this situation as they become senior citizens. At the time you purchased it, the life insurance policy likely provided you with peace of mind. Now, the insurance policy could be draining the money you need in hand. Understanding how the process works and in which cases it makes sense to sell the policy will help you to make an informed decision about your financial future.

sell my life insurance policy for cash

The Process of how to Sell My Life Insurance Policy for Cash.
One of the first questions you might have is, “How does it work to sell my life insurance?” We have simplified the process to make things as easy and quick as possible. We provide you with information about our offers process, and you provide us with the details of your policy. After we receive the information about your life insurance policy in writing, we’ll verify its coverage amount, payment history and current value. We’ll then make you a cash offer. In many cases, we can have a cash offer ready for you in just a few days.

Financial Considerations for Selling Your Life Insurance
It is important to know how selling your policy could affect your finances. Receiving interest on your deposits might have income tax implications. Because your policy was paid with after-tax dollars, the principal of what you paid is not subject to any more taxes.

When to Consider Selling Your Life Insurance Policy
There are many situations in which selling your life insurance policy is a sound decision to make. If you don’t have enough money each month to pay for your essentials, then selling the insurance policy puts cash in your wallet and eliminates the monthly expense of the premium. The cash could also pay for home updates or repairs to your car.

Now that you have this information about how selling the policy works and how it will impact your finances, you can make a well-informed decision about how to proceed.

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