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Cheap Vacation Packages Wisconsin Dells Hotels

Do you wish you could enjoy the vacation of a lifetime? Is your budget keeping you from finally getting away for awhile? Believe it or not, finding cheap vacation packages isn’t as impossible as it seems. Here are a few tips on what sort of vacation packages there are and how you can take advantage of them with the worlds largest water parks for Wisconsin Dells Hotels.


Choosing the right cheap vacation packages depends on variety of different factors. Your budget, of course, should certainly be considered, but some other things to keep in mind also include your location, any tourist attractions you’d like to attend. There are even cheap vacation packages that have certain themes, such as a Disney themed vacation, a ski trip, or an island vacation.

There are lots of benefits to using cheap vacation packages rather than purchasing everything separately. Not only do you save a considerable amount of money, but it saves you a lot of time and effort as well, especially if this is your first vacation. This way, you will never have to worry about whether or not you have adequate flight tickets, a good hotel room, meals, drinks, and other necessities? With cheap vacation packages for Wisconsin Dells Hotels, you can arrange for these all to be covered in advance, leaving you to relax and enjoy your vacation. Best of all, purchasing everything this way allows you to take advantage of a variety of deals and price cuts that allow you to spend a lot less than if you would have attempted to buy your tickets and book your room separately.

Cheap vacation packages also allow you to a variety of different options. If you only want a flight and a hotel room, that’s perfectly fine. You can also combine a flight with a car rental, a flight with a cruise, or simply grab a rental car and a room closer to home. The possibilities are endless!

When it comes to purchasing your cheap vacation packages, it’s a good idea to have an open mind regarding what you want to do and where you want to go. With so many locations, themes, and activities available, you’ll be hard pressed not to find something you won’t absolutely enjoy. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to try and be flexible regarding your ideas. This will make your search much easier in the long run. Purchasing vacation packages early is another wise choice. While there are a variety of last minute deals, this is typically not a good way to get your vacation package, as there is far too much risk involved. Establishing everything earlier also gives you more time to focus on more pleasant planning, such as your activities, restaurants, and more. Learn more today!

Where to Sell My Note?


Find Notes and Sell Notes to Investors

There are some very cheap ways to get your name before larger groups of people to let them know that you buy notes. When I market to sell my note, I begin by finding out how many pieces of mail do you personally send each month? I suspect that if you keep a tally, you will find that it is a larger number than you think. I have a label that says that I pay cash for mortgages and attach it to the back of every piece of mail that goes out of here except Christmas cards. They go on the electric bill, the phone bill, business letters, notes to friends and so on. I intend to ask some of my out-of-town friends if they will place them on the back of their mail as well. I may be able to develop some out- of-town market possibilities that way.

You may remember that I suggested that you use out-of-town contacts for personal networking before. This is just an extension of that thinking. If you decide to pursue the out of town idea, you may want to investigate the installation of an 800 number. The basic system can be pretty cheap these days, but watch that your friends don’t start to use it for B.S. sessions. Toll charges can really add up if you’re not doing the business to support it.

Another cheap way I market to sell my note is the “I HAVE MONEY” slip. This is a small piece of paper that simply says I have money to invest in mortgage notes. I will take a weekend drive and stop by real estate offices. I ask the receptionist if I can put one in each of the agents mail boxes. So far, I have never been refused since I show her a copy and tell her that I am an investor and that I can help her agents close difficult transactions. I also hand them out at real estate seminars, investment club meetings and anywhere else there is a group of people.

There are several mortgage broker’s receptionists who keep them on their desk for customers to pick up. This is not in conflict with the broker’s business but rather a help to him. I often use it instead of a business card. I also will include it in other things that I mail if it makes any potential business sense. Any time you or someone you know is making a mailing, the envelope, postage and labor are already paid for. Why not piggyback your piece of mail with it?

Did you ever notice that brochures or other merchandise are often included in your American Express or Amoco Oil bills? It’s cheap and effective. The way I prepare these is to type four copies of the message on a single sheet of paper, take it to the local copy shop and run off 500 copies. That costs me about $20 and produces 2,000 pieces after I cut them on the copy shop paper cutter. That is a penny each and darn cheap advertising. I have never tried putting advertising on car windshields in the parking lot of a shopping center but these slips might work for that, too. I assume that type of advertising must work since a lot of people do it.

In a recent article I mentioned a number of categories of people who know where the notes are, including estate attorneys, settlement attorneys and CPAs. For each category of person, there should be an association or some other group that holds meetings and publishes a newsletter. It would probably be an excellent idea to get to know someone who belongs to these groups and arrange to attend as a guest, be a guest speaker or to advertise in their newsletter. When you look at the number of such people in your community, they should keep you busy if you get to know them and get them to remember you when they find a deal. As discussed above, you might even do some piggyback mailings to their members via their newsletter mailings. You might even volunteer to contribute something toward their postage to get it done. It doesn’t take very many successful transactions to pay for that effort. You might want to change the copy a bit to offer a “Free Quote” or a “Free Consultation” to those that have a note to sell. There are hundreds of little ways that we can get the word out on a daily basis right along with the rest of our daily activities.


With these and all the other possible ways to get the word out, the real secret is a plan of CONSISTENT ACTIVITY and a COMMITMENT to carry it out. Also when I sell my note I commit to a certain number of mailings per week, a certain number of telephone contacts per week an a certain number of “found transactions” per month. A resource as simple as your yellow pages will show you the attorneys, CPAs, financial planners. etc. who operate in your geographic area. Call them. Mail to them. Have lunch with them. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK and make yourself famous for buying notes. Again, this is a “build your business” business, not a get rich quick scheme. Build it right and the payday is great!!

Sell My Note and Find Me the Best Retirement States


Best Retirement States for Mortgage Note Buyers

When you have been working hard for almost all of your life you look forward to retiring. This is the period of your life where you will be able to indulge yourself with new activities and events that you were unable to do while you were working. There are some other considerations that you may want to consider in your retirement plans. One of the main items that you will need to think about is where to live after you have finished working for your living. So how will you be able to pick the best retirement states for yourself?  If you are looking for mortgage note buyers to sell your investment and cash out I recommend the Capital Group in the sunshine state of Florida.

Well you might want to find out the various benefits and social issues that are relevant for retirement living. Each of the 50 states has different ways of meeting the various needs of their senior community. However you will need to see what they have in way of housing for senior citizens, social activities, and medical health care. You will also need to see if you can afford to live in those states.  Obviously some states have a larger influx of seniors than others and many are in the warmer climates such as Florida, Arizona, California and Texas.

The best way for you to choose the best retirement states in the country would be to list down all of your retirement needs. The internet will be able to help you with the initial research that you will need to do. Here you can find out the various weather conditions of each state and see if you like living in that type of weather all year round. Next you will need to think about the social life.   When I decided to sell my note investments, I cashed out and bought a retirement home with no mortgage.

There are many different activities that people enjoy doing but many of these will change as you grow older. So you will need to see if the potential retirement state will have a wide choice of activities for you to explore and indulge in what you like to do with all your free time. Now all of these items are great to find out about but the big question is how can you choose the best retirement states based on your living expenses.

Currently there are 5 different states that are thought to be great for retirement purposes. These are at the moment Delaware, Alaska, Kentucky, South Carolina and New York. These states are listed in the order of the best retirement states in the country. Now closer inspection will inform you why these are considered to be the best places to retire.  Most of the well off retirement community invested in secured assets for safety and many knew where to find the mortgage note buyers to liquidate their investments.

In all of these states there were certain types of taxes that senior citizens donít have to worry about. These taxes can be sales tax, property taxes, taxes of foods and in some cases real estate taxes. Since money is a major consideration for many senior citizens finding the best retirement states that offers all of these including great social and medical benefits is a real treasure find.

Sell My Note With 403b Retirement Plans


How to Sell My Note With 403b Investment Plans


Part of living is growing old. This is a fact that we are aware of even as young children. Now even though many of us work hard and we have a great life, we have yet to think about the various options and plans that we will need when we retire. There are some things that we can do to ensure that we will have a good future living in our retirement due to some wise planning. One of the many plans that we can look into is 403b retirement plans and learn how to sell my note for mortgage investments.

This retirement plan is a tax deferred plan and there are certain professionals who are eligible to join this plan. You can enter a 403b retirement plan if you are employed as a doctor, teacher, researcher, librarian, school administrators, nurses, professors, school personnel and ministers. These are all individuals who are employees of tax-exempt organizations.

Now when you join 403b retirement plans you will be able to have some type of retirement savings program established. There are many benefits to joining the 403b retirement plans. You should ask an investment advisor or your accountant for more details and information about these retirement plans. As this is a government encouraged program there may be some conditions that you will have to fulfill in order to apply for the plans.  One of the best options to invest in is notes.  When I invest in notes I earn an income stream secured by real assets and I can sell my note anytime I want to for a discounted rate for cash.

Now even though many people who are in tax-exempt organizations can join the 403b retirement plans there are certain restrictions in the applying process. In order to be eligible for the benefits that are present in the 403b retirement plans you should be able to contribute more than $200 a year, if you are not able to meet this criterion you canít apply for this retirement plan.

The other types of individuals who will not be included in the benefits of the 403b retirement plans are people who are involved in another type of tax sheltered annuity, students, non resident aliens, and employees whose working hours are less than 20 hours weekly.

The employers of various companies who are in this tax deferred program must comply with this restriction. The failure to follow these rules will the entire company losing their rights to the 403b retirement plans. Once you have understood all of the conditions and possibilities that are present in these types of retirement plans you can decide if you will establish your presence in such a plan.

On the whole you might want to start investigating the various 403b retirement plans today and find out what are the many benefits you will be getting with this plan when you finally decide to retire and live the good life.  If you would like to explore other investments such as investing in your 403b with notes, then you should contact some mortgage note buyers with Capital Group.

Theme Park Tickets with Timeshare Promotions

Timeshare Promotions Offers Theme Park Tickets

As many of you know when ever we decide to go to a theme park or a carnival it seems that every one else has had that same idea. By the time that we have arrived at the park there are long queues of people all with the same idea to get in and have fun. So with nothing else to do we plant ourselves in one of the never ending or so it seems queues for theme park tickets.  Many travelers are on to the free tickets be offered by timeshare presentations.

Now we have finally gotten to the ticketing office and a year has already passed us by okay that was a little extreme. We may have been in the queue waiting our turn to buy theme park tickets for about an hour or two. Having arrived at the ticket booth we decide that we will be getting tickets for all of the theme park rides and attractions regardless of whether we are still alive at the end of the day.  Now you can avoid this part by taking advantage of different timeshare presentations with timeshare promotions.

So now that we have our theme park tickets in our sticky hands ñ why sticky you may ask? Well in waiting to enter the park we had a light snack of delicious chocolates. Well back to our theme park tickets. Having bought our selection of theme park tickets we discover that we can use these tickets not only to get in the park but we can buy our food from the restaurants, fast food stands and concession stands as well.

So holding a very crumpled map of the theme park in our hands we head off for our first ride of the day. As we stand in a short queue to enter the ride we find that we donít have to pay to go into the ride. All that is really needed is our theme park tickets. So this now means that we have in our possession the only key that we need to go on all of the rides.

Well that ride has passed us by in a blur of motion. So we are now heading off to the next ride but first we will need to stop and buy a gift for my niece and nephew. We all find that our theme park tickets have no value in this world of commercial enterprise. While we get the toy souvenirs for the kids, one member of the family keeps our place in the queue ready for us.

Our day will continue like this and the tale will not end until long after we have gone home. However you can take our tale up and see what interesting things that you can do with your theme park tickets. You now have the choice of passing your tale to someone else who may find your adventures very much to their taste.

Disney Theme Park Tickets with Timeshare Promotions

Timeshare Presentations with Free Disney Tickets

I am very sure that every one has heard of the Magic Kingdom. That fantastic place where your dreams seem to come true, and all of your worries just vanish away in a puff of smoke. The place that I am speaking of is Disneyland. Here in this fantasy world you can whirl your way through all of the great Disneyland rides that you can find free by taking advantage of timeshare presentations.

Now just in case you think that these Disneyland rides are like the one you will see in other theme parks, hold on to your hats. For as you plunge through icy caverns being stalked by a mysterious snow beast you will find yourself sitting next to Goofy. Some other time you may be sitting on a rocket traveling to Mars and your seat mate could be none other that Donald Duck.


These are just a few of the characters that you can meet as you go on the various Disneyland rides. For the people with a taste for roller coasters Disneyland has quite a few of its own. There is the Big Thunder Mountain railroad. This is a fun roller coaster that travels through Big Thunder Mountain as you race on its course.

You can also experience another one of the Disneyland rides in an adventure with the Pirates of the Caribbean. You could visit the Tower of Terror. This very scary ride will have your heart racing as goose bumps chase over your skin. One of the more dizzying Disneyland rides that you can travel in is one of the Mad Hatterís Tea Cup rides.   Get two free Disney tickets by touring timeshare presentations.

In this ride your cup whirls around the arena where it is found in. As it is going very fast you need to hold on for dear life and hope that you donít hit another of the madly whirling tea cups. I would say at the end of this ride you will be shaken but not stirred. As soon as your legs are steady it is time to look for another of the Disneyland rides for you to go on.

One of the more exciting Disneyland rides that await you is the Matterhorn Bobsled. In this bobsled you race down the icy peaks of the Matterhorn whizzing by other visitors to the park. You can hear them screaming with laughter and fear as they too race to the bottom of the peak with you.

These are just a few of the many Disneyland rides that you will get to go on at this most magical of all places. So plant your Mouse ears on tightly and head out for some great family fun in the happiest place in the world.  Now you can save hundreds of dollars by choosing one of the timeshare presentations.

Timeshare Presentations and Discount Theme Parks

Discounts for Theme Parks with Timeshare Promotions

It seems like you can find theme parks wherever you look. These theme parks are in many cases very affordable but very crowded. Sometimes you will be able to get discount theme parks are very attract when they come with discounts. Sometimes you will need to come when the season of fun is just ending for tourists. This way you are sure to find many types of discount theme park coupons or tickets.   Better yet, if you take advantage of timeshare promotions you will receive two theme park tickets for free.

When you enter on a discount theme parks could be blocked with lots of people all wanting to have fun in a variety of rides. The ticket or coupon that you have in your hands is like a golden pass key in some cases.

Now since many parks have an ending and beginning season where the crowds have yet to visit in droves, you can use your discount theme parks issue these so that people will visit the theme park and then inform their friends and acquaintances about theses rides that you have gone on for a very low price.


When you have a special discount theme parks may sometimes let you enter the ride without having to wait in the hot sun baking away. This is very good as there are some rides that are very popular and you usually would have been waiting for hours just to get inside.

Many people look for discount theme park season tickets because until the season really kicks off you have the run of the park. You will find that many of the rides are easier to get on at these early periods as there are less people in the park. With some discount theme parks are very enjoyable to visit over and over again.  Visit timeshare presentations to get two theme park passes.

The other good thing you can do with a discount theme parks will sometimes offer is to see the best rides and attractions as early as you can when the park opens. This way you will be able to see all of the good rides before the park becomes so crowded that you sometimes are standing ion the same place for what seems to be hours.  If you want to avoid all together paying for theme parks just check some timeshare presentations.

As there are many different theme parks to be found you can stagger your visits to these parks by seeing what type of discount theme parks have to offer you. This method of visiting will let you enjoy the theme parks without many of the hassles that are part of going to a theme park.

So the next time that you want to go to a theme park look to see if you can find a discount theme parks give away at different times of the year. With this discount in your hands you have the option of visiting all of your favorite rides as many times as you wish.

Timeshare Presentations Deals in Good Weather

Costa Rica Timeshare Presentations Best Weather

As you look at the weather information you will find that this beautiful country has a relatively pleasant climate. While you may feel that you will not be able to stand going outdoors you will find yourself pleasantly wrong.

For those of you who are visiting the capital of Costa Rica, it is located in the mountain regions of Costa Rica. This makes for a cooling climate that will make your visit a pleasure.

When you look at the Costa Rica weather you will see there are three different types of weather. To be brief you will find a dry season, a hurricane season and that of a rainy season. These weather conditions and the placement of Costa Rica makes this a place to come.

For those of you who are planning to visit Costa Rica you will need to look at the current weather conditions of the region that you will be vacationing.  Check out the discount offers from timeshare presentations.  The main thing that you need to remember is that since this country is close to the equator the humidity of the weather will leave you feeling warm.

The nice aspect to staying in a tropical climate is that you have no need to bring any winter clothing along with you. The only winter clothing that you will really need is if you are visiting Costa Rica in the winter. You will then need these cold weather clothing to wear when you return.

Now there is one aspect to the Costa Rica weather that you need to keep in mind. Since the weather during hurricane seasons becomes unpredictable you should think about booking your flight for another time. You can get this information from the internet where you will be informed of the current or day to day weather reports.

After you have looked at the different Costa Rica weather reports you will have a clear idea of the times that you can have a dry and yet not too blisteringly hot holiday. These weather reports will also let you know of the times when you should avoid coming to Costa Rica during the hurricane season.

While dealing with the weather in somewhat of a risky business you will need to know some facts about the Costa Rica weather. This information will be the one that you can use to plan a successful holiday by touring timeshare presentations. This information applies to all areas of vacationing in Costa Rica. With the knowledge of what your holiday is going to belike sit back and let yourself relax in a cool atmosphere.

All Inclusive Timeshare Presentation Costa Rica

Timeshares Promotions Costa Rica

The best way to find out different all inclusive Costa Rica is to look at the many Costa Rica holiday packages which are available at timeshare presentations. For an exotic trip where you can see a variety of sights you may wish to visit and spend some time relaxing in one of the many Costa Rica hotels.

As you look at these all inclusive Costa Rica holiday packages you will find that you can choose from cultural tours which will allow you to see the many wonders of Costa Rica. You could even look forward to having an adventure trip to one of the tropical rainforests.

Once you have gotten all of the information that you need about the different hotels and resorts, as well as the many different activities that can be found in these Costa Rican resorts you should think about making a decision on which package suits you best. The variety of all inclusive Costa Rica holiday packages that you will find will allow you the chance to choose one that fits your budget by visiting timeshare presentations deals.

foot bridge images

You will find that there are many interesting things for you to do in this beautiful country. Once you know the exact place where you will be staying you can see about booking your hotel. You should make sure that you known the price of different hotels in Costa Rica.

One of the best ways for you to plan your trip or vacation time in Costa Rica is to look at some travel guides. These guidebooks or online links can help you see what awaits you in an all inclusive Costa Rica holiday package from timeshare presentations.

You will need to see what sights you will be able to access from your hotel. For those of you who desire to spend some time on a beach you will need to look for all inclusive Costa Rica holiday packages where you can drive to almost any place in Costa Rica.

In various preset all inclusive Costa Rica holiday packages you will find that the hassles of arranging your vacation plans and internal flights is no longer an issue that you need to think about. The downside to these sorts of vacation packages is that you need to pay a rather high price.

You will also need to understand that you canít spend as much time sightseeing as you may want to. This brief tour should allow you to see what can be found in this country. The information that you can get will help you when you are planning another holiday in Costa Rica.

As with all of these different all inclusive Costa Rica vacations you will need to make sure that you have all of the details that you need known and you have plenty of time left to book your dream vacation.

Timeshare Presentations for Spring Break in Cancun

Timeshare Presentations Spring Break

That time of year has rolled around again. It ís the time when every college student gets to go wild and relax before the next bout of studying begins. This is spring break and all of your friends have already decided that they are going to go to Cancun spring break is said to be really great and the place for days of sun, sand, surf, and partying!  Most college students don’t qualify for timeshare presentations and it’s a good thing or the resorts might be out of business.

So the first thing that you need to is to find out is a great hotel where you can stay in Cancun spring break usually means that you may have to go in for what ever type of hotel that you can. This will not be that much of a problem since your days are going to be at the beach and your nights in Cancun spring break spells night clubs and dancing the night away.


Once you and your friends have found a great spring break vacations package that will place you in the heart of the hotel zone, you will need to buy your tickets and let your family know where you will be for spring break. You will have to go shopping for those all important clothes for your stay in Cancun spring break and hot weather means that you should pack a stunning bathing suit so that beach fun will not be a problem.

Now the big day has arrived and you and your friends have made lots of plans with other college and university students on what you will do once you land in destination Cancun spring break. Once you are in Cancun you should head over to your hotel. With a brief rest where you unpack, have a quick snack you grab your towel and head for the beach where you can swim in the ocean before you meet your friends.

As you get ready for your first party night in Cancun spring break never looked so good. You have miles of golden beaches, loads of parties to look forward to and best of all ñ no studying. Now that you are ready its time to meet all of your new and old friends for that dance. There is only one thing that you need to remember ñ if you want to enjoy all of the other things while you are in Cancun you will need to get some early shut-eye.

After days of partying and exploring Cancun spring break is finally coming to a close. You pack your bags and after a final look you head for the airport ñ the final place that you will be in Cancun before you need to hit the books. Now it seems that your Cancun spring break was all a dream.   One day you will look back and realize how dangerously you lived and had not a care in the world, but make a note in your future that you will one day travel with your family and won’t want nothing to do with that crowd and you can qualify for any timeshare presentations.

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