Downtown Orlando Real Estate

To get correct information about the real estate in downtown Orlando, home buyers must consult a reputable real estate agent. Downtown is a buzzing place, and several people get confused by how quickly it changes. However, once you find real estate in downtown Orlando, you’ll love its convenience, area services, and all around quality of this bustling metropolis. Many condo investors have turned to no doc mortgage loans Florida or no doc mortgage Florida programs for financing.

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Its major attractions, such as shopping plazas and entertainment venues, have transformed the area into a very popular place. Those interested in getting a foothold in the area must consult real estate agents, who have the latest details of new homes and old home sales. Being familiar with the local market, the real estate agents will be in a position to help the new homebuyers clinch a deal at attractive rates.

By buying such property, the homeowners will have a good investment for the future. Though other forms of investment are also available, the real estate investments have made premium gains. Those who do not live in their home can rent it to others with the help of qualified real estate agents. The agent helps the owners handle the necessary paperwork while purchasing the property, and also helps them to find suitable tenants. Agents can also give advice on reducing tax burdens. Downtown is becoming one of the hot destinations for those seeking to relocate to Orlando, and this is leading to increase in prices of condos and other properties. Taking this into account, the real estate developers are including several amenities like separate pools, entertainment venues, parking lots and others, to attract more home buyers.

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Become A Commercial Real Estate Agent Expert

In commercial real estate you are constantly going to be using negotiation skills. Your negotiations skills will be put to use, not only in the process of creating an offer and working to get it accepted, but also with your contacts, brokers, buyers, sellers, engineers, and lenders. Hard money lenders Florida programs and hard money lenders Orlando programs are booming for agent referrals. In any situation where there are more than two interests, you can rest assured that negotiations must take place in order to satisfy everyone’s goals. Many people are afraid of negotiation, usually due to lack of experience. Once you begin practicing your skills, it will get easier for you, and may even become fun! Negotiation is filled with tactics and problem solving that are used to yield the best results for each party.

Being a good negotiator is very important to this business. There are different negotiating styles that work for some people, and not others. For example, some find success with a very strong, even intimidating approach in negotiation. I prefer to use a straight forward approach. I am prepared, informed and persuasive. I am confident, as I have anticipated the questions and concerns the other party may have, and will answer them, as needed. This helps me to clearly and confidently negotiate terms. As a result, closing deals is often easy and fun. It is true that different styles should be used in different situations, so study others who negotiate and develop a style that works best for you! In commercial real estate, as in most businesses, it is best to yield to an agreement that is win-win, meaning both parties are satisfied with the results at some level. If the strongest concerns of each party are addressed and a solution results, the agreement is of mutual benefit to both parties. If you are not familiar with negotiation, I suggest that you take a class, purchase a book, or find a seminar that covers the basics of negotiation. There are many generic tips and tactics that will sharpen your negotiation abilities, and make it easier for you to get what it is that you want out of an opportunity. In commercial real estate, there are specific negotiation tactics that can be written into contracts. Many of these tactics require some creativity and are specific to certain situations. Don’t be afraid to get creative; after all, this is where commercial real estate gets really fun! You’ll be surprised how you don’t have to have everything figured out when you put a property under contract! In commercial real estate, it is always a good idea to write a letter of intent before actually purchasing a property. In residential real estate, a letter of intent is usually not necessary, but in commercial real estate, I consider it a necessity. The letter of intent should be clear, concise and not in legal format. It should appeal to the owner as a direct, personal letter, explaining your purchasing intentions with the property. Many people put in terms, closing dates, length of due diligence, and so on in the letter of intent. Negotiation can take place here, without any money being permanently spent by the buyer, or a deal completed. It can open a dialogue between you and the buyer, and start negotiations early in the game without anything being set in stone. Another tactic that can be written into the letter of intent is known as an option contract. This option contract is a good way to investigate the property; you then have time to begin putting together a deal to make sure it is feasible. You can offer a certain amount of money to tie up the property in order to do some initial research, and not even mention closing a deal yet. This is a great option that can allow you to decide to move on with a property and begin negotiating, or simply move on to the next opportunity in a short amount of time. The option can be as simple as 15 days to do some preliminary work with $15,000 at risk. At the end of the 15 days, you may option for a full due diligence period and continue with the purchasing process. When negotiating an offer, and you still have some questions left unanswered that will be unveiled during the due diligence, you can always write an item subject to or contingent upon the ability for you to do to the property what you intend. For example, if you are purchasing raw land zoned R-1, single family housing, and the broker mentions that the city would be supportive of rezoning the property commercial, which would greatly increase the return on investment, then you could write in the contract that you will purchase the property if you can get the property rezoned to commercial. This is done often, and works with many different variables that could affect the use of the property. Writing in contingency clauses can be a great way to protect your interest and make sure that you end up with a property set up properly with a favorable exit strategy. As we all recognize, seller’s have specific needs that need to be met. A buyer may really want to take the opportunity that the property would provide, but realizes that he or she may not be able to satisfy all the needs of the seller up front.

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You can get access to hard money lenders and private money lenders with the hard money lenders Florida program. A negotiating tactic that would work here would be for the buyer to satisfy the seller’s needs in two or more parts. The buyer could set up two dates to pay the seller- with money in the beginning, and then money at the end of a certain period. This would allow the buyer to take the profit that he made from the property, and give the seller his money. As long as you satisfy the basic, up front needs of the seller, he or she may be willing to accept these terms, and you are on your way to fulfilling another opportunity! As there are many other negotiating tactics that you will create to satisfy the requirements to make a solid deal, there is a really great tactic that allows you to continue to invest money into commercial real estate without paying taxes on capital gains! This option was made possible through the Internal Revenue Service tax section 10-31, better known as the 10-31 Exchange. This allows for sellers to use the profit from the sale and reinvest it in another commercial property without paying one cent in taxes! Can’t get much better than this for investors! There are investors who are strictly involved in 10-31 exchanges, and it is a great way to keep the cash flow moving from one property to another with the benefit of full profits and no taxes. Sometime this tactic is a great choice and should be added to the contract when it can be optimized. As you can see, the negotiation tactics in commercial real estate are there to protect your interests and maximize results. Be creative with these negotiations, and always be confident when walking into a deal. Be prepared, informed and persuasive. It is also necessary for you to keep your emotions at bay and your ego out of negotiations. You have to be prepared to walk away from any deal that cannot be made to fit your needs. Always make an effort to sharpen your negotiating skills, and finely tune the tactics you use to increase your bargaining power. Having a few extra “tricks” up your sleeve will enable you to make a deal in your favor and get the results you want.

Are For Sale By Owner’s Worth the Time?

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Many people have asked whether or not FSBO’s are really worth the time and effort involved in the sale. The simple answer is, Yes! It stands to reason that the FSBO industry is based on some amount of success or else it would never have grown to the size it currently is. And the industry is growing in size every year. Part of the reason for this phenomena is the fact that home sellers are becoming more and more educated on the involved process and as such are demanding a level of service that many real estate agents are not willing to provide, or able to provide due to a high number of clients. 

Many investors are using no doc mortgages with FSBO’s or no doc mortgage Florida programs.  The resolution to this problem has been the education of sellers and the drive to eliminate the middle man. For years people were convinced the the only way to sell a home was to contact their local realtor and then wait for the offers. But what if that agent was not providing enough service to sell the home in a timely manner? Was there any real way to ensure that this was being done? It can be hard to trust someone in such a way when nothing appears to be happening. But you can trust yourself right? So, why not give yourself the tools you need to become your own real estate agent? The part that cannot be stressed enough is the need to educate yourself on the process before you undertake the selling of your own home. Start investigating the rules and regulations concerning real estate contracts and conveyance. Find out about liens and easements and inspections. In selling your own home there are a lot of hats that you will have to wear. Of course it never hurts to get legal advice and guidance from a lawyer educated in real estate law. There is also an abundance of information available online to help guide your education. The web is a great resource for almost every aspect of the home sale process so take the time to investigate these things to the full extent. Good luck!

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Alternatives to Foreclosures

Buying a house is a big investment. It really puts a dent on your financial resources. Of course, the expenses do not end with the down payment. You still have to contend with the monthly payments for the mortgage. This is a financial situation that you will have to live with for years until you have fully paid off your loan. Most home owner’s aren’t aware of no doc mortgage loans Florida programs which can help them out.

But what happens if you get behind in your mortgage payments? A delay in payment can have very serious consequences for your mortgage situation. If the delinquency in payments has become too severe then your home could be in danger of foreclosure. A foreclosure means that your property will be repossessed by the lending institution that gave you your mortgage.

Fortunately, even if you have defaulted on your payments, it does not necessarily mean that your property will be foreclosed. There are various alternatives to a foreclosure that you can take. Some of these are:

The no doc mortgage Florida program or no doc mortgages is an option. Also, Paying the delinquency. Generally, all lending institutions are required to accept all the payments that were delinquent and reinstate the loan. The delinquent payments that you have to pay may also include some legal fees especially if you are already in the foreclosure stage. There are also lending institutions that require certified funds in order to reinstate the loan.

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Forbearance and Repayment. One of the most common ways of resolving a delinquent mortgage is to work out a plan with your lending institution where in you get to pay a part of your delinquency every month on top of your regular monthly payments. If you are in a situation where you are not able to meet the monthly mortgage payments, your lender can elect to extend the forbearance by suspending payments for a certain period of time up until you can start a repayment schedule.

Payment Assistance. Some state and local governments and also private charitable organizations have instituted programs that help people with delinquencies pay all or part of their mortgage obligation for a certain period of time.

Reamortization. In a reamortization, the delinquent mortgage amount is added to the loan balance as a way of bringing the mortgage payments up to date. This move increases not only the total loan amount but also the monthly payments. Of course, the increase in payment will not be as large if the life of the loan is also extended.

Private sale. A private sale of the property affected by the delinquency can also be done as it will allow you to meet your obligations as well as get any equity that may have accumulated. In private sales it is usual that the amount is greater than the stated amount owed on the loan.

Most of these alternatives presume that you will be able to pay your mortgage payments at some point. But there is also a particular foreclosure alternative called a loss mitigation program. The federal government as well as the mortgage industry established this type of program as a way of stopping foreclosures. Under this program you are given options that will not only assist you in keeping your home even if you do not have the financial capability to pay for the mortgage payments. With these types of programs, it becomes so much easier to address the problem of foreclosures.

Real Estate Profits

As the real estate market cools, the profit potential of home ownership has cooled as well. Here’s a strategy called “follow the builder.”

It is relatively easy to make a profit when you sell your home if the market is rising sharply like it has been in most of the country for the last three years. It becomes more difficult when a hot market slows down. It’s very difficult to make a profit on the sale of your home when prices are falling. You will notice hard money lenders begin to market more in the latter phases. This is particularly popular for hard money lenders Orlando programs and hard money lenders Florida programs.

Is there a way to be relatively sure you’ll make a profit when you sell your home? There is under all but the most negative market conditions. In fact, I’ve seen young, energetic couples use this maneuver multiple times when they don’t even need to move.

Follow That Builder

In many areas of the country, there are builders who build hundreds of houses each year within a fifty mile radius of each other. They build entire communities or are one of three to five builders who build entire communities around big employment centers. This present you with an important opportunity.

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New Community

Builders will typically sell first phases of communities for significantly less than later phases. On one hand, they need to get the cash flow moving. On the other, it is harder to sell at high prices because the community typically consists of dirt lots and construction equipment. Put the hands together and you have a great profit opportunity. Some of the power brokers receive a real estate commission advance on listings at the commission advance.

The idea is to get in on the first phase of the build out. You will purchase the home at a discount, which gives you built in equity. As the community is built up, you sell the home for a profit at a higher price. While you’re doing this, you keep tabs on the builders projects and find another location where you can do the same thing.

You’ll end up living in each house for a year or more and picking up nice profits along the way. The only real downside is you have to move repeatedly.

Tax Consequences

I’ve seen this work well for a number of people who have done it more than once. However, you need to be aware that generating profit this way can have tax consequences. You need to discuss your plans (including projected timing and profit potential) with your tax professional so that you are prepared to deal with any tax consequences.

Real Estate Agents

Need to sell your house quickly? Put off by the thought of estate agents and viewers tramping through your home? Follow this quick guide to selling your home fast. We also show agents how to get real estate commission advance on listings on any active listing commission advance.

There is an alternative to the traditional route when it comes to selling your home. You can use one of the many specialist companies that offer to buy your house so that you’re not at the mercy of a chain, or paying huge fees to agents and solicitors. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Decide how quickly you need to sell your home

Most quick sale companies can complete the purchase of your house within just four weeks. If you need to sell sooner than that, just say so; they can normally arrange a quicker purchase. If you’re selling your house because you’re relocating unexpectedly or because you’re in financial difficulty, set a realistic timetable and ask the company if they can keep to it.

  1. Decide how much you will accept for your home

You may not get the full open-market price for your property as you would with an estate agent, but you don’t have to pay estate agent fees and the whole process is quicker which means you save on mortgage and bill payments. Look at the current market value of properties like yours in the same area and decide how much you’re willing to accept from a specialist buyer, bearing in mind the other savings you are likely to make.

  1. Talk to the companies
real estate commissioin advance on listings

Always try to talk to the specialist companies rather than just contacting them over the internet. Talking to them gives you a much better idea about how they approach the sale. You can also take this opportunity to ask any questions about the process and to make sure that you can use your own solicitor to check the contract and that you won’t be asked to commit on the spot.

  1. Meet an agent

Most specialist buyers will send someone round to view your house. This allows them to give you an accurate and fair valuation and also gives you the opportunity to ask any further questions.

  1. Agree the sale

Once you’ve been given a valuation, you will normally have a set period in which to think about whether you want to agree to the sale. If you decide to go ahead, it’s a good idea to get an independent solicitor to look at the contract before you sign. Make sure you know if there are any additional costs to pay, and when you will receive the money. Also find out when you will be expected to vacate the property and whether the company can help you find other accommodation. Your agent will qualify for a real estate commission advance or commission advance.

Getting a quick house sale is as easy as these five steps and can be accomplished in as little as 3-4 weeks, making it ideal for people in a wide range of circumstances, including those going through a divorce or bereavement or those who are in financial difficulty.

Positive Outlook for Real Estate

There is one word to describe the current housing market: optimistic. Despite months of hearing about a housing bubble and rising mortgage rates, the outlook for real estate is good. We now have hard money lenders Florida programs and hard money lenders Orlando programs that have made it easier to access mortgage loans.

The worries of a bursting real estate bubble actually seem to be low among homeowners. In a national survey conducted by ING Direct, most individuals experienced some growth in their home value in the past 12 months. The average increase was approximately 6%, with owners in New England and Pacific states having the largest growth. The values of homes in south central states remained about the same.

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Most homeowners do not seem concerned about a downturn in the real estate housing market. Almost 74% of the individuals surveyed, who have owned their homes for more than three years, remained optimistic about the value of their home.

The 30-year fixed rate mortgage is at its highest point in four years. However, as it hovers at 6 percent, it is still a relatively low rate compared to the exceedingly high rates of the late 1980s when mortgage rates increased to over 10%. Hard money lenders Florida brokers are aggressive in the market and offer rates in the single digits.

According to Freddie Mac, there are indications of a strong economy, which is why mortgage rates have increased lately. Consumer confidence is on the rise and existing home sales is also on the upswing. This can be attributed to a positive labor market. As most people know, healthy employment leads to greater consumer spending.

Consumer perception is everything. With the continued view that real estate is a good investment, people will continue to buy and sell houses. This will bode well for home buyers, home sellers, real estate salespeople, mortgage lenders and just about anyone related to the real estate industry.

Buying Investment Properties

Investment may be counted on the gross or the net basis. Net investment is gross investment minus depreciation. Investment may be ex-ante or planned or anticipated or intended investment; or it may be ex-post, i.e., actually realized investment, or when investment is not merely planned or intended, but which has actually been invested or implemented. This is so true when Buying Investment Properties with hard money lenders Orlando Florida.

Another classification of investment may be private investment or public investment. Private investment is on private account, i.e., by private individuals, and public investment is by the government. Private investment is influenced by marginal efficiency of capital i.e., profit expectations and the rate of interest. It is profit-elastic. Public investment is by the state or local authorities, such as building of roads, public parks etc. In public investment, profit motive does not enter into consideration. It is undertaken for social good and not for private gain.

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Investment which is independent of the level of income for hard money lenders Florida, is called autonomous investment. Such investment does not vary with the level of income. In other words, it is income-inelastic. Autonomous investment depends more on population growth and technical progress than on anything else. The influence of change in income is not altogether ruled out, because higher income would probably result in more investment. But the influence of income is negligible as compared with the influence of population growth and progress of technical knowledge.

Examples of autonomous investment are long-range investments in houses, roads, public buildings and other forms of public investment. Most of the investment is undertaken to promote planned economic development. It also includes long-range investment to bring about technical progress or innovations. Public investment means investment which occurs in direct response to invention, and much of the long-range investment, which is only expected to pay for itself over a long period, can be regarded as autonomous investments. Learn how you can earn a commercial loan referral fee with private money lenders.

Avoid Legal Battles Over Broker Commission

Commission advance agreements that spell out how brokers are paid typically use form documents. The commission formula sometimes changes, but the terms and conditions usually stay the same. Consequently standard terms and conditions of commission agreements are often ignored by brokers and owners once the agreement is signed. Since the broker’s income is tied to the terms of those agreements, close attention to details are vital to all parties involved.

Recent lawsuits stemming from disputes over broker commissions reveal tough lessons about the importance of paying close attention to commission agreements. It can be help if commission advance companies offer an active listing commission advance for agents and brokers.

A building owner in Detroit was forced to pay a commission because the original agreement did not contain an expiration or termination date. The building owner argued that there are a number of key terms understood and agreed to prior to signing the agreement that were not contained in the final written agreement. The judge overruled this argument stating that the contract was clear as written.

active listing commission advance

Judges and juries are not real estate professionals. The term “procuring cause” may have a standard definition in the real estate business, but mean nothing to a juror. All parties involved must make sure the language is clear. A judge or jury will not rewrite a contract to save either party from a bad business decision.

Even after a favorable commission contract is successfully negotiated and written, it’s not OK to simply file it away. Either party cannot claim they forgot about the agreement.

The lesson here is to carefully note important terms and conditions, especially those that relate to performance, compensation, and termination.

Legal disputes are not unique to any location. Judges and juries nationwide are showing resistance to insert terms into commission contracts or allow parties to ignore the terms of a contract. Recently there’s been an increase in the number of disputes. Some have settled out of court, yet a fair number have gone to litigation. This can be reversed through the efforts of brokers and owners who invest more time and effort putting together agreements and abiding by them. This is the best method of prevention.

Good luck to you,

Sell Your Home

So you need to sell your home?

This article is exactly what you need to do, to sell your home or create a bunch of leads of individuals, who are HOT prospects to buy your home.

Before, I share my 3 steroid ideas on selling your homes; you need to take a few simple steps…


  1. You need to locate and interview an aggressive Mortgage Broker, very knowledgeable, with a GREAT TRACK RECORD of closing deals, especially difficult ones.

I cannot stress enough the importance, of having a great broker on your power team. I own and run, the R.E.I.A. (real estate investor club / in my area, so whenever I hear a member, say they got a difficult deal closed, I always make sure to inquire for an introduction, because this might be the broker who can get most of my deals funded. We actually help real estate agents by issuing an advance for active listing commission advance contracts.

Remember, you can sell a home ten times, if you can’t get the buyer funded by a mortgage company…who cares, your wasting your time.

  1. You should make some effort in fixing the home up; even if it’s a hunker, I’d still get the lawn cut and maybe throw a coat of paint on the property. You’d be amazed at the improvement to even an ugly property, with a simple coat of paint on the front of the property.
  2. Go to your local community financing office or local grant and home buyer bond office. For example in my area (South Florida and Palm Beach County), both counties run a FREE class for your buyers on becoming a first time home buyer and when they take the class, they then get a voucher from the county, giving them $10,000.00 toward the purchase of their first home. The best part is sometimes the loans are even forgiven, when certain criteria are met by the new homeowner.


Let’s be frank, your going to have to be more aggressive, smarter and persistent than 99% of all your homes neighbors. We get realtors involved at the commission advance and pay them for an active listing commission advance.

There’s no magic pill, but this has been working for both my students and me, for the last year, and we’re always testing and fine-tuning the system.

And I can tell you, that while every other investor, is sitting with their heads in their butts, my students and I are able to sell all of our properties, during one of the worst RE slowdowns in history, and this is in South Florida, one of the most depressed markets in the Country,

  1. Buyer First System

Basically you create your own buyers. The best example would be converting a lifetime renter into the American Dream a homeowner. Just so happens, that while becoming the American Dream, they also end up buying your home.

Very simply, create a flyer or postcard, and market to communities of people who would be a great prospect to buy your home.

Who doesn’t want to be a homeowner in America? Nobody, that’s a stupid question, everyone wants to be a homeowner, and it’s bred into us as kids.

The real key is you must understand, that these individuals renting, most are under the impression they CAN’T get a mortgage. They might have tried in the past, and we’re shutdown and embarrassed, only to believe they would live the rest of their lives as a RENTER.

These are the best leads you can focus on, because it’s not a matter of IF they’ll buy your home, they will, the key is can you get them funded or is it the right house for them, financially affordable.

I must also share with you, this strategy will take some of your time and initiative, because their is hand holding involved, mortgage brokers, and helping them get any government help in First time homebuyer money.

  1. Fish in some one else’s pond!

Go where the most prospects are for your home. I’ll give you some examples, you need to go where the most and the best prospects are to buy your home, assuming it’s a good deal (priced right, and there’s still built-in equity for your buyer).

If you have any contacts or a friend of a friend, now is the time for using it and your expectations are for these contacts to open doors for you, to their sphere of influence.

For Example, one of my students, Courtney, leveraged a contact he had, his cousin (she was a middle school teacher), and she introduced him into the schools, where it just happened that the schools are in the same area, that he was selling a great starter home.

He sold the home that he needed to the most, but then, once word spread of what he was able to do, the rest of the teachers came out of everywhere, wanting him to help them. He’s since helping the 1st teacher, sold another 5 homes, to 5 different teachers, earning him over $30,000.00 for this simple, leveraged relationship.

So what ponds can you fish in, with your marketing? Think about whom you know (friends, family members, and associates)?

BEST: Teachers, Cops, Firefighters, Government Employees, Bus Drivers, Department of Transportation. (These careers are loved by lenders, they mostly have good credit, and their income is basically guaranteed and very stable.)

GOOD: Large local employers: Supermarkets, Local telephone company (Bell South), Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.

  1. Use the Internet…

You should definitely have an individual website for your property.

You can get a simple site built for under $100.00. Use or : Two great sites, for getting your site created, they are both similar to EBay. You post an auction about your project (your home website), and then companies bid on your job, and you get to see samples of their work and read all their feedback, after you decided who wins your job, you choose a winner. Oh by the way, both of these services cost you nothing, their completely FREE. Take some pictures with a digital camera of your home and you’ll end up emailing them to the site designer, to post on your site. (good example, is Treat this as an online, digital brochure, basically being able to do whatever you can conceive. ü You can take a video of the home, with you walking through the home and then have it placed on your site. If you’re intimidated by video, like I was at first, don’t be, because your web site designer can do it for you, very easily.

Now, when ever you talk to someone on the phone or in person, they can quickly look at your property, on the web. This will be the best $100.00 you’ll ever spend on marketing of your home.

  1. BONUS: Promote and hold your own, “First Time Homebuyer Seminar”.

Before you say anything, I don’t expect you to be Tony Robbins, if you can get 10 to 15 people in a room, your going to be successful.

We shared this strategy with my mentoring students, and it’s been working excellent for them, from the results I’ve been receiving back from my future millionaires. In fact, one of my students from Miami, Alex, has been executing this strategy like gangbusters.

Before writing this article, I received permission from Alex to share some of his feedback with you, on the Homebuyer seminars that have been very successful for him.

He’s now doing 1 a month, every month. Also, since he’s has a few successfully under his belt, he’s now selling sponsorship space to his seminars, to Mortgage brokers, credit repair companies, and he’s even worked out a joint venture with two different realtors, whom pay him for every property they sell to one of his prospects.

real estate commission advance on listings

If you’re curious how he’s filling the room, all he’s doing is as follows…

-Flyers in Parking lots, I.E. Wal-Mart, Publix Supermarkets, and local churches.

-Free Advertising on

-He uses bandit style signs on the side of the road, 18 x 24, corrugated plastic signs.

-He’s even put up a website that the attendees, can pre-register for the seminar. (Sorry, he didn’t want me giving out the site, for obvious reasons)

-He also is giving them an ethical bribe for attending the seminar; he gives them a few nooks and tapes just for making it to the event. The best part is he received the books for free on the internet, and he’s also allowed to give them away for free and even rebrand them as his own books.

active listing commission advance

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